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Atomizer system(Atomizer + Colling and lubrication system + control system)

The fume is guided uniformly into the reaction tower equipped with a rotating atomizer through the distributor. The high-speed rotating atomizer atomizes the lime slurry and water into droplets with a diameter of about 45μm. The droplets fully and uniformly mix and react with the fume in the reaction tower, and achieve the purpose of removing acidic substances such as SOx, HCI and HF in the fume by controlling the flow of lime slurry. At the same time of deacidification, the fume temperature is reduced from 190-230℃ to 150-160℃ by controlling the amount of cooling water.

◆ The atomizer is an original imported product, and the parts and components of the mechanical cabinet and the control cabinet are imported components, which should be installd and debugged by professional personnel;
◆ Manufacturing and technical support from SIEMENS, Germany, and the signing of "authorization, technical and maintenance service agreement" provides a strong guarantee for product quality and technical services. This product has also obtained a number of national patents.
◆ The motor power is 74kw, the maximum speed is 12000r/min, which can ensure the lime slurry to be fully atomized;
◆ Higher temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and acid and alkali corrosion resistance, suitable for various environments;
◆ Air plugs and quick couplings can be replaced based on needs, with strong versatility;
◆ The shotcrete flow can be selected in two specifications: 1-5 m3/h and 1-8m3/h.
◆ The electrical components used in the control system are Siemens and Schneider brands;
◆ Optimized control logic makes the system more intelligent;
◆ Chinese version touch screen and host computer system can be provided, which is more suitable for domestic use;
◆ Rich parameter and alarm data query system, know the equipment well;
◆ The communication interface can be configured as required to meet the requirements of various communication protocols;
◆ lt has its own air conditioning system to prevent the over-high temperature of heating elements such as inverters;
◆ Stable lubrication and cooling systems ensure stable equipment operation.