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Activated carbon adsorption tower is introduced 2016/04/27
Activated carbon adsorption tower is the best treatment organic waste gases and odor effect of purification equipment. The stench of activated carbon adsorption is effective to remove water, natural and synthetic dissolved organic matter, s...
The working principle of the active carbon adsorption column 2016/04/27
The activated carbon adsorption device is mainly composed of activated carbon layer and retainer. Specific surface area activated carbon has developed, the gap is big, has the very high adsorption capacity. It is because of the characterist...
Activated carbon adsorption characteristics of the equipment 2016/04/27
Organic waste activated carbon adsorption tower is widely used in furniture, wood, chemical coatings, metal surface treatment such as coating, paint spraying, drying, and other organic waste gases and odor, USES the high quality activated c...
Dry and semi-dry method deacidifying process description 2016/04/27
Come out by waste heat boiler flue gas into the half dry reaction tower, tower at the top of the injection device is equipped with NaOH solution, under normal circumstances this device in a state of online backup. Top of the tower spray war...
Dry and semi-dry method deacidifying process characteristics 2016/04/27
1, In general, spray lime hydrate only can meet the project emission standards, half dry reaction tower only have the effect of flue gas cooling, half dry + dry process is essentially dry process technology at this time. 2, under special ci...
Fly ash stabilizing treatment is introduced 2016/04/27
The characteristics of heavy metals in fly ash at home and abroad research results show that the heavy metals in the combustion process with high boiling point even condensation, thus forming the core of the fly ash, volatile heavy metal an...


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