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Fume purification system

This process is a typical process of incineration treatment. The fume at the outlet of the boiler adopts the purification method of "quench tower + dry desulfurization and deacidification reactor + bag filter + pre - cooling deacidification tower + lye scrubber + fume heater + SCR catalytic reactor + chimney". This process can efficiently remove HCL, Sox, NOx and other harmful gases, dioxins and heavy metals, and reaches Euro II standard. By heating the fume, the low-temperature saturated fume in the induced draft fan and the condensation of the chimney can prevent the corrosion of the equipment, the flue and the chimney and the appearance of "white smoke". The whole set of fume treatment process can be adjusted appropriately according to the actual fume composition and technical requirements, with high fexibilty and wide application range.